Lady green Fingers

NHS, Oval Partnership, Oval House Theatre, lambeth Recycling

Lady green Fingers

A response to the ‘art and well being’ event. I was asked to make a sculpture from recycled materials that depicted art and well being with local residence of Kennington Park Estate.

A strong urban women she sits proud with a paint brush in one hand symbolizing creativity and a spade in the other symbolizing growth and well being.

A Lambeth wide arts event which celebrated creativity and its importance for our well being. A wide range of adults from all sectors of society in the Borough worked as a team to build and make this sculpture possible.

The women entirely made from recycled materials including the bench and spade recycled from a local park, her jumper made from knitted plastic bags, her skirt woven inner tubes and bottle tops, her hair from bicycle inner tubes. All materials collected from local cycle shops, pubs and households.

‘Lady Green fingers’ was placed outside Oval tube Station on the edge of Kernnington Park Estate for 7 months

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