The Dragonfly

Hyde Southbank Homes- Hyde Plus, Kennington Park Estate, Henry Fawcett Primary School

A response to create a calming sculpture within the grounds of what was an intimidating estate (Kennington Park Estate Oval -Key House)

A fiber optic dragonfly 2.20metres in length with a wing span of 2 meters was chosen as the image to be suspended from a large old tree in the centre of this housing estate which was in need of a sculpture to calm the senses bringing peace and tranquility into the area with a visually stimulating sculpture which pulsates and changes color momentarily.

Accessing local adult residence from the estate and the local school, Henry Fawcett Primary School where 60% of children from this estate attended.

Workshops began in the school were children learned of the ill effects of plastic bags on our environment on land and sea. We worked under ultra violet with florescent materials to create boxes for the school to encourage the collection of plastic bag for this project. These bags were used by pupils to make thick plastic plaques that were then used as an inner skin to the mild steal structure of the dragonfly.

The adults, who live on the estate, wove fiber optic strands into the metal structure, bringing adults together who never had a chance to interact on the estate. Creating the object together therefore creates a stronger community.

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