The Dome

Reading Borough Council, Micklands Primary School, Arts Council of England funded

Micklands primary wanted to work with a creative partner to help them explore the schools outdoor spaces and how theses spaces could support literacy skills, this included the building of an all weather shelter using recycled materials.

The aim of the school was for foundation stage and year 4 to work closely together on this project, the outcome of this was extremely successful as the 2 groups worked incredibly well together. This ultimately changed the way teachers saw possibilities of team work throughout the whole school.

The young people explored phonics, spelling, mathematics and architectural terms to name just a few elements they worked with on this project.

Various other small projects took place with the pupils as a run up to the final piece this included: Foundation stage creating large alphabet boxes, using these to build shelters and create words and the meaning and sounds of new words.

The plastic woodland themed panels were created by 70 young people, entirely created from plastic bags collected by the entire school.

This structure allows for 10 pupils and a teacher to have quite reading and writing time outside the main school building.

The plastic panels can be enjoyed from the outside as well as the inside of the dome.

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