'I received Pammy when I was about 5 or 6, I had recently been adopted / uprooted…. And was swamped with clothes, toys and books from people in the local area….

I named it after the person who made it for me – Pam; but used to call it Pammy.

A few years later, I left that family and took the ragdoll with me – one of the few things that has moved from place to place with me - I used to sleep with it in my bed and hug it when I felt lonely….

It is the only thing I have now (at the age of 36) which I still have from my childhood (and I have moved around a lot!!)… I think it’s quite an accomplishment that I still have it!

Pammy reminds me of the kindness of people; and of the best times in my childhood- feeling safe and cared for.

When i asked how she would feel if Pammy disappeared?

I don’t feel attached to it as an object….. I would maybe wonder where it had ended up if it disappeared.'


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