'Hand Bear is a glove puppet, he lives in a sock draw with the socks undies and handkerchief's, he is 36 years old, he's been repaired, stitched up in places, probably by my mom, he's missing a bit from the bottom, looks like it’s been bitten off, I wonder if I chewed it off. (Laughs)

He was a present from my grandmother, when I was a kid my name was 'Edward Bear' or 'Ed The Bear', so even though he was a fox - he became a bear. He was a hand puppet therefore he became 'HAND BEAR'.

I’m still fond of him, cause I’ve kept him. Reminds me of being a small child, it’s a link with my early childhood; in some ways I’ve tried to retain things from my early childhood. He was my friend when I was a little kid, I spent a lot of time on my own, my siblings were much older than me, it kinda stood in.
With a glove puppet you can interact with it more than a teddy, His eyes fascinated me, you could press the studs of the eyes from inside and then he would look even more scary and adorable, when you pop his eyes out you can get him to leer at you. (Laughs)


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