I have had this Teddy from being 6 months old. I have just turned 50.

He has never had a name although after talking to my mother about it, she said he was known as Teddy.
He was given to me by an Uncle who I adored. He died nearly 3 years ago now. I am sure that is part of the reason why this teddy has been and is so special to me.

He was put in my cot when he was first bought and I slept with it until I was 6. He had to be in my vision apparently, as a child. All this information comes from my Mum. All I know is that I have always had this Teddy.

I lived abroad for a long time and the Teddy stayed in the loft. When I got back, I found him, and brought him to my home. He sits on a piano stool in my bedroom.

I could not consider putting him in the wardrobe, in the dark! Why, I don’t know.

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