LB is the story of my life wrapped in a small soft, brown, furry body. Given to me at birth (by an aunt I believe) LB and I quickly became inseparable. She came everywhere with me. Most babies and young children have what is known as a security blanket. It is that dingy, tattered blanket they absolutely must have with them at all times; LB was my version of a security blanket as a child.

For 26 years she has been my confidant, best friend, and secret keeper. Growing up, when there was no one else there was LB. She listened without judgment, provided comfort when it felt as if the pain would never end, and was a shoulder to cry on. She never yelled or was mean; never a cruel word escaped from her mouth. All she offered was unconditional and unfailing love, warmth, and safety. 

LB is a patient and kind bear. She has endured being lugged around by one arm or leg, having her nose bitten off and re-sewn on, and losing her eye-sight when being spun around in the washer which damaged her glass eyes. She never complained about the many times she was squished beneath me as we slept, being flung off the bed as I moved around, or how tightly she was held each night. Never a night went by that LB was not snuggled next to me, wrapped tightly in my arms. Many times I would awake in the middle of the night because I did not feel her in my arms. Frantically I would search my bed and the floor until I found her and she was back in her rightful place in my arms. Then we would drift back into a deep slumber until morning came.

As I have become older LB’s role in my life has become more passive. We do not sleep together at night because a warm, fuzzy dog named George has taken her spot in the bed. Since dogs have an innate desire to chew and tear things that are stuffed apart, LB now resides high on shelf in my room facing the bed. I see her every morning and she watches over me every night as I sleep. I know she is always there if I need her and her constant presence is comforting and reassuring. She will always be with me and words alone cannot express my love for the little brown bear that has been an integral part of my life. 


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